Team Expectations

GUIDELINES FOR ATTENDANCE All practices, games, rallies and scheduled community events are MANDATORY! Each person is responsible to be informed of the dates and times of all cheer events.

 • Excused Absences: The only excused absences are illness/family funeral/court appearance The absence will be excused IF a coach is contacted by phone BEFORE* practice is scheduled to begin. *A parent/guardian must then follow up within 24 hours to confirm the absence. (a cheerleader who does not attend classes cannot participate in practice but is expected to attend if able) All other activities/appointments should be scheduled around cheerleading commitments whenever possible. Another sports practice is NOT an excused absence.

• Unexcused Absences: All other absences are “unexcused”. Cheerleaders are allowed one unexcused absence per season. If a squad member is unable to attend a practice/event, she must contact her coach one week in advance. Failure to do so can result in suspension. 


 • Missed Practices/Games: Missing a practice for any reason can result in the cheerleader being removed from a performance to be determined by the coaching staff. Per OAHS policy missing a practice before a game/rally will result in the removal from that game/rally. Missing a game/rally/or similar event will result in the cheerleader being suspended from participation in future performance. Suspension: Cheerleaders who cannot follow the above guidelines will be suspended from participation. 


• Second unexcused absence in one season = 1 game/= parent conference/ contract 


• Third unexcused absence in same season =Dismissal 


• Tardies: Cheerleaders must be on time to all cheer events (practice, games, performances, community events). Discipline for tardiness will be at the discretion of the coach.


GUIDELINES FOR PRACTICE Be on time and dressed appropriately - Orange, White, Black- T-shirt and Shorts (spanks are recommended under shorts) Socks and cheer shoes,  cheer shoes should be worn ONLY to cheer, Hair Up ,Jewelry OFF- no exceptions. *DO NOT get a new piercing during the season, you WILL have to remove it. Keep nails short for safety purposes-coaches will alter if necessary.


GUIDELINES FOR GAMES CHEERLEADERS MUST ATTEND THE FULL SCHOOL DAY TO BE ELIGIBLE TO CHEER AT A GAME OR PARTICIPATE IN PRACTICE. Be on time and dressed appropriately. Check in with Coach and remain with team. Demonstrate Positive Sportsmanship AT ALL TIMES. There will be no snack bar breaks during your game, please prepare accordingly ALWAYS bring everything (liners, bows, warm-ups etc) to each game “just in case”. 


GUIDELINES FOR SCHOOL Cheerleaders are Student Athletes; being a STUDENT come first. Cheerleaders must maintain passing grades in ALL classes in order to be eligible. OAHS Attendance policy requires student athletes to “attend school for the full, regular school day to be eligible to participate for that day”(practice, game , rally etc..) .

   -Leaving Early /Arriving Late: if you must leave school early or arrive late for any reason you must have a note signed by either the athletic director or one of the principals in order to participate that day.

GUIDELINES FOR UNIFORMS Cheerleaders are responsible for keeping their uniforms clean and in good repair at all times. When in uniform: - Appropriate bra- NO STRAPS should show (cheerleaders will not be allowed to cheer with visible bra straps) - Appropriate hair and make-up (simple/clean) - No distracting nail polish (coaches will remove it) - Cheer shoes (no slippers/Uggs/ flip flops) Jewelry can be worn to school but must be removed for game time/rallies/performance of any kind. Uniforms should not be “loaned” to anyone who is not an OAHS Cheerleader.


GUIDELINES FOR BEHAVIOR As you can see, you are a role model on our campus and in our community. You are expected to conduct yourself in a positive manner in and out of uniform, on and off campus (including social uniform, on and off campus (including social media). You must be aware that your actions have consequences and we want those to be positive. Failure to adhere to these guidelines, can result in suspension or dismissal from the cheer program. • Be respectful of yourself, your coach, your team and those around you • Show positive support for ALL OAHS organizations • Demonstrate positive sportsmanship at all times • Foul Language, rude comments or inappropriate gestures will not be tolerated • Do not kiss/hug/hang on/sit on your boyfriend/girlfriend while in uniform • Alcohol/Drug use is grounds for immediate suspension/dismissal • Social Media will be monitored. Inappropriate photos, comments, etc will not be tolerated and will result in suspension/dismissal. This includes texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..) The OAHS code of conduct outlined in the OAHS Athletic Handbook will be upheld at all times. Please remember that even when squad members are not in uniform, you are still representatives of OAHS and the cheer program. The Coaches reserve the right to make any judgments concerning the behavior of any squad member which may result in a disciplinary action. Squad members may be suspended or dismissed from the squad for non-compliance with the rules.

GUIDELINES FOR GRIEVANCE The coaching staff is always open to discuss any issues that arise however, there is an appropriate time and place to do so. Please contact your coach before or after practice to arrange a time (outside of practice, games, etc..) to discuss any problems. Email is also an easy way to reach a coach and open dialog if another time is not available. In order to be successful everyone must work as a team and no one wants that more than your coach. 


Step 1: Coach and Athlete 

Step 2 Coach, Athlete and Parent 

Step 3 Coach, Athlete, Parent and Administrator 


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