Team Expectations



There is a three unexcused absence rule.

  1st unexcused absence: verbal acknowledgement of absence

  2nd unexcused absence: written email warning

  3rd unexcused absence: termination from the team

An email MUST be sent to Coach Stephen as soon as possible regarding absence from practice as the coaches need to prepare for the absence.

Excused absences are limited to illness, bereavement, school activities and college visits, with advanced notification to the coaches.

If the cheerleader is absent from school, the cheerleader is not allowed to participate in that day's practice or game. The only exception is a doctor's appointment. Please attend as much of the day as possible and bring a doctor's note signed by the principal or athletic director to Coach Stephen.

Be on time to school, practices and games.

All cheerleaders are expected to attend at least two fundraising events. 

Cheerleaders should come to all practices and games ready to work. No cell phones! If the cheerleader does not come to practice the day BEFORE the game, she will not be allowed to participate in the cheer routines at the game. However, it is still required to attend the game and be with the team.

**It will NEVER be excused to miss a practice or game to attend another outside practice for cheer or any other sport. This is an OA rule; please see the Student Handbook.

Social Media

Nothing negative should EVER be posted on social media (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) about OA Cheer. There will be consequences! 

Be kind to others, always! Anything you do or say on social media is in writing – forever! This is your digital footprint! 

Keep it appropriate! You represent OA Cheer, your families, and yourselves! Strive to be leaders and always aim to be the best version of yourself! 

If you have something that needs to be discussed, please don't post! Follow the "Chain of Command" and address your problems directly. This is how problems are solved!

Practice Attire

Appropriate is KEY! For practice, shorts, tee shirts and workout tanks may be worn. Please, no shorts with just a sports bra. Hair should be pulled up and tied back. Please do not wear jewelry, nail polish or acrylic nails. This is for safety reasons. (Yes, not wearing nail polish/acrylics is for safety. If there is an emergency – and emergencies are always unexpected – emergency personnel needs to access nail beds.)


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